Thinking in tongues

Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on February 8th, 2006 by escargot

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On sunday it started to snow again. I feared winter was going to leave without a last breath, but it didn’t and now Munich is under snow. Foot steps crunch like Mr. Jones on “cookies” and the joy of having something between my shoes and the asfalt will stay for a while.

On friday we watched a shortfilm with Marc and we both got excited of doing something. It ain’t difficult, you won’t be dishonoured by shooting a nonsense clip and useless stuff only exist under inquisitive thoughts (I don’t really like such declaration, but I can’t think of anything softer or smoother). So…

On saturday, taking the subway home my head started to move inside the skull (like a navigator inside a spice chamber, moving and drooling through his vaginous mouth (?)). Long time since the last time I actually hurry to get home, sit on my stool and write everything down. I like what they -the shaky thoughts inside a turquese wagon- became, and I hope you will someday watch this saturday-rush in movement (even if it sucks donkey dolls in hell).

On monday, a book arrived which I ordered… hmmm… two weeks ago? three maybe. I had already gave it into perdition; the buying-click wasn’t predicted and the prize was minimal. So I forgot it thinking that the american company offering books on amazon would be 3 euro richer. Maybe with those they could get a delivery advice system. But it arrived. And I’m glad because it’s great. “Fuck Machine” by Charles Bukowski (I think I mentioned him some tabulated-thoughts ago), containing the story which gave the name to the book and some other short stories.

On tuesday, I started this post. Bed summons me, good night.

Oota goota, Rock?

Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on January 27th, 2006 by escargot

Greeee... do!

I just HAD to capture him. And it won’t be the last time! (I thought in a revival of his dark old chapter… his encounter with the darkness, with the evilness, with the greed of men!… but I fear I would need a double or some footage of his antagonist.)
Today has been the day of clumsyness. My head just bumped into the table. Again.

I will turn this off. I’d love to hit the bed right now.

(Since I can’t just post it without putting something a bit less crappy than the stuff above I will share my today’s lecture.)

Asperger Syndrome
Eidetic Memory


Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on January 25th, 2006 by escargot

This entry has nothing to do with the eroticism.

Well, kinda. Yesterday I watched an old erotic film. It had some very good symbolisms and sometimes managed the time in a semi-self destructive or maybe just risky way. Anyway, the thing is there’s a scene in the movie where a character says like 2 times “erotic” and then 2 times “eroticism” with an unforgetable accent and in less than 2 minutes. And the way he said it got marked on my brain… erotisc’i'ssm… eroti… sc’i'ssm.

And today, waiting for the second bus I need to take on my way home, was this Erotic shop in front of me, flashing lighting tubes, the highlights, the titles of the sections, the colors, the mannequins. Was like a Zoolander-trigger. I had to do something about it. Destroying it worked. As in, seeing it as something else.



Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on January 22nd, 2006 by escargot

Viernes; cuando suele salir a terreno TODO el equipo que tenemos en la sección ‘Arriendo’. Un dia agotador de seguro!

Pero quién no podría aguantarlo al recibir dos paquetes en un mismo dia?
Primero fue la caja semi destruída, a punto de reventar y pegoteada en cinta adhesiva. Hasta un huevo de alien se vé menos peligroso que la caja.
Era distintivo. Eran las cosas que mi madre me envió.
Galletas, principal alimento de la noche.
Camisetas, creen que voy a salir con camiseta a este invierno? Pero debajo de un cálido chaleco me protegen de las cosquillas.
Chaleco… ehem… ehem… lea arriba.
Más galletas, Marcelo tambien merece una porción. Y las agradece.

Pero como dije, fueron 2 paquetes.
El otro fue mi regalo navidad+cumpleaños por Padres+Omama+Cay+Saioa+ElViejoDeBarba+yquiénsabequienmás. Además de ser la protagonista de esta carta.
La Casio Exilim EX-z750.

Luego del trabajo me fuí donde Marc, yo tenía ganas de ver una película y luego jugar un poquito con ella… ella…

Mientras la nueva batería renacía de su enclaustramiento en el empaque vimos la película, comimos galletas, una pizza, tomamos algo y blablabiamos entre Marc, Hanna y el amo de ella.

La luz verde se iluminó, la batería estuvo entonces a su máxima capacidad, lista para efectuar lo que mis dedos exigieran.
Estando donde Marc la elección fue obvia. El objetivo estuvo tomado. El lente se preparó para los incidentes rayos. El disparador temblaba. El flash disparó.

Primero ataqué sus repisas. Las escuadras formadas bajo el abrasador sol. Garras, estandartes, blasters y esperanza. Armaduras terroríficas y la pureza de los Tau.
Y las bestias.

Luego un poco de jugueteo con ellas. El ataúd combatiente en su máximo esplendor. Las armas relampagueantes y las armaduras hechas trizas. Los elegidos y los líderes. El ardor de la batalla.
Y tras la cerca electrificada. El monstruo, cuyos dientes son cuchillas, sus pasos terremotos y cuidado. Muerde.

Tambien salimos. Pero hay momentos que mejor se guardan en la memoria y no en el celuloide (como la dama gesticulando su rechazo a una propaganda desnudando su trasero en frente al cartel). De todas maneras un par salieron.

Fue un bonito fin de semana… y yo… yo tengo una cámara!!!


(English translation can be found on the other side of this message)

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Frozen man walking

Indiscriminate thoughts on January 15th, 2006 by escargot

This is not supposed to be here.

Haven’t updated the site in a while. Maybe because I haven’t done anything deserved to be posted. Or most likely lazyness.

Nah, I lied, I’ve just been an idiot doing crap every evening. My thoughts fly and my mind hops in delirium in the worst moments one could think. Harvesting just the lesser and tiniest prizes.

Anyway, there’s no time lost just uncomfortable flashbacks, and this day I was sieged by everything I didn’t have in weeks. Read poetry that gave me images already built to search for, moved like the dancer I haven’t been and my mind is alert and stalking. Something’s coming, and whatever it is will be caught like the prey it is and will be eaten like the proteins it is.

Although I feel like the drunken piles of rags
in dark corners
blabbering and blabbering
without any sign of blab.

I will try to update it again soon, hopefully with content and not just senseless blabber.

To the whore who took my poems, by Charles Bukowski
La maquina de follar / Fuck Machine, by Charles Bukowski (bio. in spanish)
Claudio Bertoni and his work Jovenes buenas mozas (part). (Sorry, only spanish)


Indiscriminate thoughts on December 13th, 2005 by escargot

It’s late again.
But my head is calmed and I feel something fructiferous is coming.

A little resume from the last days:
Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and The Black Heart Procession caught me again to come through this blatant winter, which is colder than Medusa on a reflective frozen lake (oj, oj). I went on an exhausting mission and returned with a precious treasure; helped my uncles with their relocation and rescued a couple of banks, a wooden chest and a 1.2mts tall CD-Rack (which looks awesome), an old Polaroid Image InstantCamera with (24/)30 photos. All the films have expired 6 years ago, but the bad developed exposures have an strange and very misterious ghost behind the difuse colors.

Well ‘o well, it’s very late and I want to have some good night’s rests this week. Bye.

Noir désir

Harmony, Indiscriminate thoughts on November 21st, 2005 by escargot

Vive la Fête

… as in, wanting to close the eyes and fall asleep.
This album makes me dance, move my shoulders, scream in silence and wonder about a Malcolm McDowell’s quote: “The best thing I did was abuse myself when younger – I dabbled in everything, cocaine, booze, women – because now I don’t have to do it anymore.” I kind of lack all of them. I drank a lot, yes, but always in a glass, taking care of what happened… never dabbled. Maybe that’s the difference of the so called generations. Today the youth is not meant to be young, it’s not meant to… oh wait, for a couple of seconds I forgot the party-masses. Pardon.
Anyway, maybe I should forget my whole reality, break doors, punch windows and the great whore will suckle me until I’m fat and happy and can suckle no more.
But as I wrote that sentence I felt my dinner coming up my throat and a knot of disgust in my stomach. I can’t.

Shower calls, and then the pleasant bed will hold me.
Try to get the album, is great, is music I wouldn’t expect to hear from me. It’s delicious, it’s the gorgeous fat kid of the bacchanal whore.

Nighty night.

Happy birthday, Snow-flake

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 20th, 2005 by escargot

I stood awake longer than I was supposed to be. In fact, I usually do it, in front of the monitor watching things I won’t remember but most likely just on my bed, spectating the greenish light from my lamp becoming weaker and weaker as it travels through the rough wall.
Well, this night (17.11) I welcomed the first flakes hitting my window. Though this killed all the magic of the event, since it and its thugs warned us all.
(… and I keep pushing the day marker forward)

Anyway, I’m thinking about a short flick. But as I think ahead, I suppose are only motivations, inspirations, which are ok, but I want them to grow up. I want noise, tunes, black and white, frame by frame’s, black corners, gestures, dances, unnatural conditions, cannibalize principles and don’t forge nothing instead… and I won’t fall into movements. That would only diminish the task.


Left like leaf

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 2nd, 2005 by escargot

I’ve been kind of lost. I ain’t very motivated to post, maybe because the lack of feedback. But I knew it was going to be this way.
On the other hand, the last days have been wonderful. The actual autumn is beautiful, many people I know have said this is the prettiest autumn in a long time. The lack of cold mornings have forced the leaves to fall down with them own rhythm; that is, slow.
The trees are amazingly colored, from brown to yellow, through the most bright greens. Amuses me every morning while I ride my bike to work, and in the evenings it’s even prettiest, with this cold wind that comes from everywhere. I would love to have a camera, since I got some very good moments to catch in the celuloid. A pity.
Impressively weird I phoned last days more than in the last 3 months, kind of strange. My mother called a couple of times, an aunt through Skype and my uncles from here called me too. And if that wasn’t enough, an uncle called me in his days visiting Berlin. Then some weird coincidences followed, coincidences that never tend to happend. This has been a weird month, the past one that is. Let’s see how it follows.
By my side… I don’t know. I feel myself kind of absent.
Good night.

Telling the light to turn off

Drawing, Indiscriminate thoughts on October 19th, 2005 by escargot

It happened to work.

I’ve been a bit letargic, forgetting wants, forgetting needs, forgetting tomorrows. But I keep on moving, keep on doing and keep on enjoying every drop of coffee that enters to my mouth every morning and evening (being that one hell of a pleasure at work… a very aromatic italian coffee, foamed warm german milk and shinny sugar cubes; all drank in the exact opposite sense I described it. Brown-beige-crystal).
(Despite the hour, I open the FTP uploader to try again uploading the comic…)

My bed awaits me, with the rubber bottle filled with hot water. Replacing a presense. My eyes need to be closed for another delicious morning, with its cutting ice-cold air waking me up and alerting me of the new day. I like it, specially the breakfast that awaits for me in my bag (which I forgot to eat today… is it delightful? Having something delicious captive, as long as you want, with the only limit of… time, which is, as far as I believe, a bendable limit). See you tomorrow Nut-nougat Croissant.


PS: I’ve noticed that 1/3 black tea with 2/3 peppermint makes an exquisite autumn hot fluid.

Edit: I almost forgot. In this conditions I won’t get mad if someone posts a comment, even if it’s only a trendy smiley… really, I won’t.