Wake up and smell the… corpse.

Indiscriminate thoughts on July 6th, 2009 by escargot

Shooting a shortfilm

Something’s coming.

PS: Sorry, but it has nothing to do with the picture… yet. But that blueish rectangle at least covers the update part of the post.

Picture taken by Loop Doon.

I know what I did last summer

Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on May 5th, 2008 by escargot

After three months I finally selected, cropped and resized the pictures I took this summer. I will add Google Maps links to all locations involved.

Pichiquillaipe, X Región, Chile

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With my girlfriend and friends we went to Puquelihue, my parent’s land in Pichiquillaipe, these are some of the few pictures I managed to take from those days. Sadly my camera was broken the first night, somehow someone’s knee used it as pillow.

Cascadas, X Región, Chile

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Some days after we gathered a team and went camping again, this time to my friend’s land near Ensenada, at the Llanquihue lake and next to the Osorno volcano.

Chiloé, X Región, Chile

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My sister and her friends, one of my own and myself went to Cucao, a small town in Chiloé, there was supposed to be a huge “Fiesta de la luna”, Party of the Moon, for the moment of the year when the moon more closely looks. At first we were in Castro where we visited some places and waited to take a bus to this lost town in the west coast, directly facing the eternity of the pacific ocean, after one night there we had to walk back 20 kilometers (or hitchhike, if you are lucky as my sister is) to get a bus back to civilization. Hot spot of that exhausting travel? Having a peek of a wild pudú (barely recognizable in the picture).


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Some time later with my family we went to the Argentinian Patagonia, where we traveled through the whole mountain-chain and through the desert mainly to visit an University I was interested into, secondly for vacations, it was summer afterall.
The travel was roughly said from Villa la Angostura to Neuquén.
We visited places like El Chocón, there was found the complete bone structure of a dinosaur and also fossilized footprints of the same creature.
Once we were back in Chile, we crossed the Pirihueico lake for 2 hours in a ferry, beautiful journey someone dropped even tears and not because of the chilling wind.

I beg you to understand the lack of detail of each trip, it was one hell of a work to collect these pieces of a puzzle called ‘last summer’.

PS: More to come in the next days. Less diary-like pictures.


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This will be a graphic summary of what I enjoyed for the last 10 days in the iberian peninsula. My first postcard’s holidays I’d say:


The city shot from the castle on the top of the Montjuïc hill, also some pictures of the constantly working port, an amazing ant’s nest. The Calatrava Tower also on that hill. Then three pictures of the street where (first pic) “La Pedrera“, a Gaudi’s work, is and on the latest, the reason why I didn’t get to know the building from the inside.
Next some pictures of my brother, his girlfriend and our wanderings in the city, our visit to Roses, a very turistic town near Barcelona, and the -first- beach we visited. You can also see Gatho, the wonderful cat they have and constantly pet (and get scratched by). And a dawn from their balcony.

    Mallorca, Day 1:

The first one is actually the day before, traveling on the ferry to the island. Then our starting on Mallorquin streets and highways, with our drivers on front. The first day we went to a close beach in the north extreme of the isle, we wanted, obviously, something quiet and rather hidden, this was not the case but the long way without car and knowledge of easily reachable beaches made this one a perfect welcome for our ferry-lagged hearts. Was also our snorkel premiere and more precisely, the moment we tasted the blood of that delightful sport, or, rather, underwater sightseeing.

    Mallorca, Day 2:

For the next day, the second one, we decided a farther destination, we went to the east coast of the island, basicly searching for something close to what Saioa, my brother’s girlfriend, visited her last time in Mallorca, a beautiful small beach very difficult to reach and with golden sand. We were in a good roll and this was our jackpot, we found the same Cala (creek) she that time visited. The way was really tough and rough against our bare legs, but the prize is what you see, a tiny cove with few visitors and a wonderful place for our snorkels and our hungry eyes. We brought some snacks and we stayed for a long time in there. That was mostly the day, or the photographable day; you can assume that the rest of the time we ate, drank and enjoyed ourselves to the limit – not the silly clumsy limit, but the relaxing and heartaching one: in the good way.

    Mallorca, Day 3:

This day didn’t start well at all, was the first cloudy day of the trip and we slept just too much, we were tired, yes, but we wanted to start the preparations for the day early, to be on our way to the next beach as soon as possible. We did it anyway and left rather late, but it was ok, since the day wasn’t promising much and the feeling overall was good despite not having done much. We arrived to the place I thought nice the day before and started walking. The way was maybe not so “harmful” for our bodyparts, in the sense that there weren’t any spined plants or scratchy barbs coming out the floor, it was just very damaged and it wasn’t that easy to walk on. The weather was also very windy and I think none of us, at least not me, thought that with that wind there were no chances of swimming or snorkeling at all, but we went anyway. After a while, when the wavy sea was there to be seen and the beach promised to be near I stumbled and one of my feet hit a corner of broken asphalt and the next thing I saw was one of my fingernails ripped off its fleshy cradle. It started to bleed and some small injuries hurted a bit too, it wasn’t that painful, or not as painful as I thought it would be or how one could have read from my brother’s or Saioa’s face, it looked for sure very gruesome. After a while of reasoning my brother went to the beach to search some help, a medkit or at least some scissors to cut the still hanging fingernail and after a while a car drove by and after our questions they helped us with the medkit in the car’s trunk and helped me apply a fast bandage. Afterwards we ate and thought of a plan for the day. We finally decided to go to the closest Health Center, get a proper bandage and then just see what comes up. We ended up having some huge ice cream glasses and then, on our way home, we saw a Go Karts course and we couldn’t avoid my brother’s desires and let him drive a round… long story short, we all ended up racing with eachother and having fun on those highly manouverable and small cars. Was great fun and I’m still thanking my stubborn brother.

    Mallorca, Day 4:

I will avoid going on with details, but it was kinda messy the whole transportation. The ferry company was crappy and the back travel went way slower than what we paid for. But we arrived safely and it was a fun trip, we had our own cabin, we had lots of coupons and the sea was beautiful that day, furious, but beautiful.

A picture says more than thousand words, but rarely seen pictures say thanks. Hereby I thank the ones involved for the great time I had, they already know that, but, as myself getting stupidly injured, saying thanks has no ends.
And for you readers, stand by, because soon I will post another serie of pictures of the travel. From those that don’t need no text. Good night.

Chit-Chat of sounds

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 3rd, 2006 by escargot

I’m listening to Isan and got this sudden rush for writing, must be the clicking and tickling of the music, partially talking gibberish, but mostly having a long and complicated discussion with the sounds of my keyboard being tapped by my fingers.

Anyway, today I got aware of, no matter how self-expressive is an image, the context of it is highly influent in your (my) impression. What I’m trying to say, is, for example, you have Fotolog, and no matter how good a picture can be it will always be a strongly premeditated choice, it was not “accidentally” uploaded, there is a purpose -most of the times obviously explained between-lines in the attached text- and there will always be someone who can get credit from the image. You can feel the urge of forcing a feedback, the need of it harmonizing with a (most likely) false self-assurance.
Well, I didn’t want to criticize or anything, was trying to point out how strong it can be. But I fear I can’t. It can become really nebulous after a while if I try to go further. I will state anyways what I wanted to state; I’m pretty pleased with the way I put pictures floating between, sometimes, meaningless text (or the other way around, in a pretty questionable fashion). I feel it’s free of many enviromental influences.
I will see now if I can rescue some pictures for… ehm, you.

It is not how you put it but the way you can not put it. It is also a way to move aside of all what is long and not tiny. And if you try, so or so, to do it, you will need at least a meter. To not fall apart. But to keep it tight and sum it up. This is the end.

Ok, I think I’ve already played too much violin (actually, not at all; but giving the same results) for this couple of shy pricklers.
Couchi, couchi, cou. (paraphrasing the now playing Metric sound, which undoubtly filled any plot hole in the past story.)


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I’m not pretty sure what to add to the pictures. Or, in fact, what should the pictures prelude. Or if this is anything at all; or should. I ain’t sure of anything and that’s fair enough, since when I started cutting off the pictures I wasn’t even expecting to have any results, but just amuse myself while I figured out what way should I take from now on. But considering the ways are being erased every night, like sand castles sieged down by waves of salty water, it’s just a question of what and until when –and the more I type the more I like how these chars take form and align in this good looking window embellished with those neat looking buttons and endorsed by an amazingly well formed structure. I wonder how much of it all was actually planned. And if that even matters at all. Ok, I’ll take a look at something. Ok, did. It’s not as if it made any difference, since I won’t see if the end of this text is aligned with the end of the picture before posting it; and an edit is pretty unlikely. Well, the more I type bigger are the chances uglyness will make me edit. Good whatever-you-will-have-in-the-near-future, being.

Late night thought

Indiscriminate thoughts on October 30th, 2006 by escargot

Maybe the world would be something way better if there was a god.

But this might be just what it is, a late night thought, overwhelmed by deliriousness.
Late it is, and the thought maybe shouldn’t. I should sleep now.


Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on September 11th, 2006 by escargot

Joy, colours, smiles, sounds, feelings and evening’s reddish sunshine. If you excuse me a syntax of the past months.
It has been somehow wonderful, ascending to a peak I can’t seem to imagine, this whole life I’ve been living lately that is. My mind wanders through paths it could only adventure in with a muse my being found, I feel gifted, divine, but overall supported. Having a strong and beautiful column sustaining me up high.

Have been writing down some stuff I’m interested into, mainly about monsters as a corruption of the human and as well as a necessary evil. Not sure which path to take, but I think I will end deforming one of both into an incomprehensible, by the world, path of salvation. As in, born from the evilness of mankind for the salvation of it by a way rather difficult to understand by the weak of spirit. Some kind of vortex -leading to salvation- incarnated into a monster-like being, a kind of moth you would disgust for being so gross.
It’s a bit sad though, if you are following me, since mankind would then condemn its own salvation, crowning the act as a salvation by itself! And what if it has already done that?

Well, it is still everything too nebulous, gotta keep working on that.
By the way, some weeks ago I bought me a delight of a book, written and drawn by Brom. It’s called The Plucker, a pretty and dynamically narrated fairy tale about what lies below our beds, in those dark corners no light dares to shine.

I hope you like what, in this case, lies above my bed of thoughts. Good evenin’

Fiery season

Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on June 24th, 2006 by escargot

In spite of all the people who were depressed enough to think that the sun will never rise again. It did. And it burns.
Have been already a couple of weeks since the sun first rose and started staring at us with its fire-crowned eyes like saying “Buuuurn, buuuurn weak peons!”… well, most of the people I talk with enjoy it and were eagerly waiting for the moment to take the sun lotion out of the shelves.
Well, it’s not as if I hate it either, but it’s just freaking annoying to sweat without making the smallest movement.

Anyway, the first sunny weekend Marc and I helped a friend of friend of his to shoot her shortfilm, I personally liked it a lot as experience and weekend activity.

The story was quite interesting and gave us the possibility to let our creativity play and I have to admit that the location completely amazed me.

It was this old and dusty attic full of broken toys, piles of bricks, wood and stone, frames holding half-finished artworks and the most extensive collection of things you can’t really recognize.

Overall was a funny thing to do, technically worked quite good, tried a couple of tricks and made great shots.

One of those days I found a rotten angel.

It was this statuette of a cherub holding a water spitting fish, the only thing that made me approach to it was the corrosion that attacked the “wet” side of the sculpture, corrupting the half of the baby angel into a brownish rotten cave-like skin.

Was horrifyingly pleasant to watch.
After all, earth is the curse.

Yes, the World Cup… I haven’t paid any attention to it, but today I saw the masses invading the so called “Fan Park” to watch the game live in a big screen, despite the 30°C and the smell of thousands sweating german beer out.

Although all these swedes make me think of nice and cuddly tigers.

The day leaves and I want to take a ride to the supermarket, before it is too late.


Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on April 23rd, 2006 by escargot

The weather is fine, I’m being the cold one now. Have been quite “inactive” last weeks, having thousands of ideas, many stories and some are really doable but I just can’t find the way to take them out of my head, as in, writing everything down. Have tried many things but none has been successful. I need to sort all these things out, sit down and spit it all out.
Help is welcome by the way.

About the pictures, I don’t think they are any good. They are rather cheap.
I feel unmotivated, maybe because of the lack of feedback, of contact and discussion. And being my own judge is no use, since I don’t judge at all. The pictures might be crap, but I like them as an expression: the hollow state of my creativity (which I happen to question from time to time). But then again I get these great ideas, dialogues, scenes, images… and they fade away so fast I feel there should be someone to print them on… and when there is someone I’m just too busy learning and listening to him/her. I feed upon others, well, my mind does and I need to be alone to take it all out and extract the sap unaltered.
You see? I’m just going in circles without any apparent sense… I feel like erasing everything and stop this. But I won’t, and I won’t even read what I just wrote, just press the goddamn button.


Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on February 13th, 2006 by escargot

Sun goes down.

Yes, waiting for the sun to melt the snow. I can live with it, and I could for long, but it’s what I want to shoot what requires the snow to leave.

Haven’t been quite stable. But the biggest problem is that I know the reason, reason which seems rather undeciphrable ([after a couple of minutes] ok, thinking about it just make it worst).

There is nothing to be said.
Not because nothing has happened.
But because I can get my words in shape and my thoughts fixed up.

It’s just brabba-biribullop-babbap not here.