Thee Mountain

Today I realized why I’ve been listening to a band for three days straight and, as a friend said, probably for the whole week.
Oh, the synchrony.

This is a sample track from their last album, Kollaps Tradixionales.
Thee Silver Mount Zion (and their endless different names) are a band of canadian musicians, most of them related with the Godspeed You! Black Emperor act.

You have all probably heard about the volcano eruption in south Chile, that has spread its ashes all over its vicinity. In General Roca we lost two days worth of lessons because of it, and it’s not really over yet, the film school opened its doors again, but the air still feels like a cheap dry martini.

I don’t know what’s wrong -or right- with me, but this uncomfortable situation activates me. It itches.

And that’s something.

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