Perejil en un vaso de agua

I don’t want to believe it is coincidental that the sudden and continuous appearance of Death in the media has some strange relation to all the people around me, drowning in a glass of water.

Let’s be honest, I’ve always felt ashamed for being fascinated by guns and violence. Being parented by the most pacifist and non violent person I reckon that might be the root behind this voyeuristic amusement of weapons, although this feeling came rather late, or at least I rationalized it not so long ago, five or six years ago, when I got rid of strong, friend-related, prejudices. Might also have to do with reading The Snows of Kilimanjaro and from then on many of Hemingway’s short stories, where the glorification of war, hunt and guns feels so honest and primitive.

I think I’ll just stick with this by now and see if I develop this later on. It feels too raw and harsh for now (talk about quintessential qualities).

By the way, I’ll be adapting a story of Hemingway into a shortfilm script. Maybe I’ll mention something about it in here as soon as I stop dreaming about it, I can’t deal with oneiric voices dwelling into my writings.

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  1. Panzer (@Panzerdrako) Says:

    ahora eres gansta posando con metralleta tomadas a la mafia style?

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