L… no, more like foggy

Before I write I big post with the last happenings after my comeback, I will just post this pictures I’ve collected since that happened.
You can see mostly (the last one is still from Germany) chilean landscapes, my, already classic, shell pictures and even my cousin a couple of times.

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And I also made some wallpapers from two of these images, if you want other sizes or from other pictures, I’d gladly make them.


800×600 . 1024×768 . 1280×960 . 1600×1200


800×600 . 1024×768 . 1280×960 . 1600×1200

EDIT: So, after so many comments about it I have to say that the third picture is just some kind of joke between me and my sister, since one day when we were out on the beach she kindly asked me, many, many times, to take a picture of that. I refused twice and then accepted once, it became into what you clearly see. A Something.

4 Responses to “L… no, more like foggy”

  1. Saioa Says:

    Se puede sentir el calor en algunas de ellas. Aquí que ya empezamos a notar el frio del invierno, hecho de menos el calorcito del sol de verano. Espero que tu vuelta haya sido “calurosa” :)

  2. Seba Says:

    Buenas pics, pero faltan las con los amigos, no?

  3. marc Says:

    Nur 12 NUR 12 in 92 Tagen WTF Bitte Mehr. Ich habe 1Std gebraucht um deine Seite wiederzufinden.
    Naja hab sowieso nichts besseres in der Arbeit zu tun ;)
    Die Bilder sind Schön aber leider keine von deinen Freunden. Hast wohl keine?

  4. Pilar Says:

    haha. Gute Frage.

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