Joy, colours, smiles, sounds, feelings and evening’s reddish sunshine. If you excuse me a syntax of the past months.
It has been somehow wonderful, ascending to a peak I can’t seem to imagine, this whole life I’ve been living lately that is. My mind wanders through paths it could only adventure in with a muse my being found, I feel gifted, divine, but overall supported. Having a strong and beautiful column sustaining me up high.

Have been writing down some stuff I’m interested into, mainly about monsters as a corruption of the human and as well as a necessary evil. Not sure which path to take, but I think I will end deforming one of both into an incomprehensible, by the world, path of salvation. As in, born from the evilness of mankind for the salvation of it by a way rather difficult to understand by the weak of spirit. Some kind of vortex -leading to salvation- incarnated into a monster-like being, a kind of moth you would disgust for being so gross.
It’s a bit sad though, if you are following me, since mankind would then condemn its own salvation, crowning the act as a salvation by itself! And what if it has already done that?

Well, it is still everything too nebulous, gotta keep working on that.
By the way, some weeks ago I bought me a delight of a book, written and drawn by Brom. It’s called The Plucker, a pretty and dynamically narrated fairy tale about what lies below our beds, in those dark corners no light dares to shine.

I hope you like what, in this case, lies above my bed of thoughts. Good evenin’

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  2. varg Says:

    reply on the comment you made on wh00s dot net

    thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop by more often, I’d have 1 out of 1 reader then :) though being heard is not really what I’m truly after by doing the blogging, more about putting down everything that’s inside my head, sounds stupid if noone reads it but somehow it feels like the things i write down leaves my head at the same time, weird but it works :)

    Now when you’ve reminded me I think I’ll bookmark this site too, it’s some interesting reading (I’ve read it couple times before) but sometimes the english you’re using is perhaps too advanced for me but I understand the points your making, so its readable, haha :)

    Yea been awhile, and the stupid arguments can be left in the past I reckon, would be nice to catch up lost time.

    take care french snail, oh yes I’ve looked that word up :)

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