The weather is fine, I’m being the cold one now. Have been quite “inactive” last weeks, having thousands of ideas, many stories and some are really doable but I just can’t find the way to take them out of my head, as in, writing everything down. Have tried many things but none has been successful. I need to sort all these things out, sit down and spit it all out.
Help is welcome by the way.

About the pictures, I don’t think they are any good. They are rather cheap.
I feel unmotivated, maybe because of the lack of feedback, of contact and discussion. And being my own judge is no use, since I don’t judge at all. The pictures might be crap, but I like them as an expression: the hollow state of my creativity (which I happen to question from time to time). But then again I get these great ideas, dialogues, scenes, images… and they fade away so fast I feel there should be someone to print them on… and when there is someone I’m just too busy learning and listening to him/her. I feed upon others, well, my mind does and I need to be alone to take it all out and extract the sap unaltered.
You see? I’m just going in circles without any apparent sense… I feel like erasing everything and stop this. But I won’t, and I won’t even read what I just wrote, just press the goddamn button.

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