Chit-Chat of sounds

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 3rd, 2006 by escargot

I’m listening to Isan and got this sudden rush for writing, must be the clicking and tickling of the music, partially talking gibberish, but mostly having a long and complicated discussion with the sounds of my keyboard being tapped by my fingers.

Anyway, today I got aware of, no matter how self-expressive is an image, the context of it is highly influent in your (my) impression. What I’m trying to say, is, for example, you have Fotolog, and no matter how good a picture can be it will always be a strongly premeditated choice, it was not “accidentally” uploaded, there is a purpose -most of the times obviously explained between-lines in the attached text- and there will always be someone who can get credit from the image. You can feel the urge of forcing a feedback, the need of it harmonizing with a (most likely) false self-assurance.
Well, I didn’t want to criticize or anything, was trying to point out how strong it can be. But I fear I can’t. It can become really nebulous after a while if I try to go further. I will state anyways what I wanted to state; I’m pretty pleased with the way I put pictures floating between, sometimes, meaningless text (or the other way around, in a pretty questionable fashion). I feel it’s free of many enviromental influences.
I will see now if I can rescue some pictures for… ehm, you.

It is not how you put it but the way you can not put it. It is also a way to move aside of all what is long and not tiny. And if you try, so or so, to do it, you will need at least a meter. To not fall apart. But to keep it tight and sum it up. This is the end.

Ok, I think I’ve already played too much violin (actually, not at all; but giving the same results) for this couple of shy pricklers.
Couchi, couchi, cou. (paraphrasing the now playing Metric sound, which undoubtly filled any plot hole in the past story.)