Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on October 30th, 2006 by escargot

I’m not pretty sure what to add to the pictures. Or, in fact, what should the pictures prelude. Or if this is anything at all; or should. I ain’t sure of anything and that’s fair enough, since when I started cutting off the pictures I wasn’t even expecting to have any results, but just amuse myself while I figured out what way should I take from now on. But considering the ways are being erased every night, like sand castles sieged down by waves of salty water, it’s just a question of what and until when –and the more I type the more I like how these chars take form and align in this good looking window embellished with those neat looking buttons and endorsed by an amazingly well formed structure. I wonder how much of it all was actually planned. And if that even matters at all. Ok, I’ll take a look at something. Ok, did. It’s not as if it made any difference, since I won’t see if the end of this text is aligned with the end of the picture before posting it; and an edit is pretty unlikely. Well, the more I type bigger are the chances uglyness will make me edit. Good whatever-you-will-have-in-the-near-future, being.

Late night thought

Indiscriminate thoughts on October 30th, 2006 by escargot

Maybe the world would be something way better if there was a god.

But this might be just what it is, a late night thought, overwhelmed by deliriousness.
Late it is, and the thought maybe shouldn’t. I should sleep now.