Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on September 11th, 2006 by escargot

Joy, colours, smiles, sounds, feelings and evening’s reddish sunshine. If you excuse me a syntax of the past months.
It has been somehow wonderful, ascending to a peak I can’t seem to imagine, this whole life I’ve been living lately that is. My mind wanders through paths it could only adventure in with a muse my being found, I feel gifted, divine, but overall supported. Having a strong and beautiful column sustaining me up high.

Have been writing down some stuff I’m interested into, mainly about monsters as a corruption of the human and as well as a necessary evil. Not sure which path to take, but I think I will end deforming one of both into an incomprehensible, by the world, path of salvation. As in, born from the evilness of mankind for the salvation of it by a way rather difficult to understand by the weak of spirit. Some kind of vortex -leading to salvation- incarnated into a monster-like being, a kind of moth you would disgust for being so gross.
It’s a bit sad though, if you are following me, since mankind would then condemn its own salvation, crowning the act as a salvation by itself! And what if it has already done that?

Well, it is still everything too nebulous, gotta keep working on that.
By the way, some weeks ago I bought me a delight of a book, written and drawn by Brom. It’s called The Plucker, a pretty and dynamically narrated fairy tale about what lies below our beds, in those dark corners no light dares to shine.

I hope you like what, in this case, lies above my bed of thoughts. Good evenin’