Fiery season

Indiscriminate, Photography thoughts on June 24th, 2006 by escargot

In spite of all the people who were depressed enough to think that the sun will never rise again. It did. And it burns.
Have been already a couple of weeks since the sun first rose and started staring at us with its fire-crowned eyes like saying “Buuuurn, buuuurn weak peons!”… well, most of the people I talk with enjoy it and were eagerly waiting for the moment to take the sun lotion out of the shelves.
Well, it’s not as if I hate it either, but it’s just freaking annoying to sweat without making the smallest movement.

Anyway, the first sunny weekend Marc and I helped a friend of friend of his to shoot her shortfilm, I personally liked it a lot as experience and weekend activity.

The story was quite interesting and gave us the possibility to let our creativity play and I have to admit that the location completely amazed me.

It was this old and dusty attic full of broken toys, piles of bricks, wood and stone, frames holding half-finished artworks and the most extensive collection of things you can’t really recognize.

Overall was a funny thing to do, technically worked quite good, tried a couple of tricks and made great shots.

One of those days I found a rotten angel.

It was this statuette of a cherub holding a water spitting fish, the only thing that made me approach to it was the corrosion that attacked the “wet” side of the sculpture, corrupting the half of the baby angel into a brownish rotten cave-like skin.

Was horrifyingly pleasant to watch.
After all, earth is the curse.

Yes, the World Cup… I haven’t paid any attention to it, but today I saw the masses invading the so called “Fan Park” to watch the game live in a big screen, despite the 30°C and the smell of thousands sweating german beer out.

Although all these swedes make me think of nice and cuddly tigers.

The day leaves and I want to take a ride to the supermarket, before it is too late.