Telling the light to turn off

It happened to work.

I’ve been a bit letargic, forgetting wants, forgetting needs, forgetting tomorrows. But I keep on moving, keep on doing and keep on enjoying every drop of coffee that enters to my mouth every morning and evening (being that one hell of a pleasure at work… a very aromatic italian coffee, foamed warm german milk and shinny sugar cubes; all drank in the exact opposite sense I described it. Brown-beige-crystal).
(Despite the hour, I open the FTP uploader to try again uploading the comic…)

My bed awaits me, with the rubber bottle filled with hot water. Replacing a presense. My eyes need to be closed for another delicious morning, with its cutting ice-cold air waking me up and alerting me of the new day. I like it, specially the breakfast that awaits for me in my bag (which I forgot to eat today… is it delightful? Having something delicious captive, as long as you want, with the only limit of… time, which is, as far as I believe, a bendable limit). See you tomorrow Nut-nougat Croissant.


PS: I’ve noticed that 1/3 black tea with 2/3 peppermint makes an exquisite autumn hot fluid.

Edit: I almost forgot. In this conditions I won’t get mad if someone posts a comment, even if it’s only a trendy smiley… really, I won’t.

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