T minus X

Two days ago I knew I’m losing internet in 10 days, the contract I have now will end at that date and then I won’t be able to pay a new one, it’s not cheap, but any outcome hits directly the pockets of my parents. I haven’t talked with them, but I don’t see many hopes. Or not until I get more money, that being next year (if I actually stay where I am, working).
Shame I got this space so late, but maybe it is just the way it should be. I don’t see myself as a fulltime blogger.

Yesterday I traveled to Switzerland with my uncle. He needed a camera assistant and offered me the job. I accepted of course, at the beginning I didn’t know if I was going to earn something, but the chance to work with him for the first time can’t be denyed. And it worked out great.
We went to this so called HealthBalance healing center, pretty paranormal and weird (meaning: aiming the frequencies of the cosmos to the wounded and ill animals as a way to heal the body). Was amusing, besides the work was nice, the cameraman was a good guy and I did a good work. And it’s the first time I operate a boom “for real”.

About this blog, I doubt I will have the motivation to improve it since I’m eventually leaving, so you’ll need to accept the default look-out.

Maybe you already knew about it, but I drew some comics, I’ll leave a link to them right here.

Good night,

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