I'm wide awake it's way too late

This evening passed by weirdly. In part flooded in tea, which softly calmed my throat, throat that hurts lately (I’m riding my bike every morning through clouds of ice-like air) , and the light of a candle, a candle who was meant to burn under the sight of the pope in the Weltjugendtag in Cologne. I hoped it had some essence or raffinade flower smell; it hadn’t.

Today I wanted to draw the sketches in my note-bloc, more comics that is. But I made two and the third one disappeared with a crash of the GIMP, being it the hardest one. I just wanted to merge the text layer and draw the speech-line. Without that crash this would have been an only-comic post.
Instead I played Quake and thought in some ideas to my new clip*. I think I could be able to train a lot cutting stuff from the game. Free AVI’s and easy to make. My very own clay pit.

Tomorrow is friday, this week was very nice and I hope I get me on the creation train for the weekend. Even if I don’t create anything, jumping on someone else’s train is quite amusing. Maybe keeping these creative stances as something external, something foreign, exotic, maybe even forbidden, will keep me on the road.

I wish you dreams,


* Some days ago I made a clip you can get here, right behind the red box… yeh, right there.

The title comes from the last album of Bright Eyes… was quite nice the time I listened to it.

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