Indiscriminate thoughts on December 13th, 2005 by escargot

It’s late again.
But my head is calmed and I feel something fructiferous is coming.

A little resume from the last days:
Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and The Black Heart Procession caught me again to come through this blatant winter, which is colder than Medusa on a reflective frozen lake (oj, oj). I went on an exhausting mission and returned with a precious treasure; helped my uncles with their relocation and rescued a couple of banks, a wooden chest and a 1.2mts tall CD-Rack (which looks awesome), an old Polaroid Image InstantCamera with (24/)30 photos. All the films have expired 6 years ago, but the bad developed exposures have an strange and very misterious ghost behind the difuse colors.

Well ‘o well, it’s very late and I want to have some good night’s rests this week. Bye.