Noir désir

Harmony, Indiscriminate thoughts on November 21st, 2005 by escargot

Vive la Fête

… as in, wanting to close the eyes and fall asleep.
This album makes me dance, move my shoulders, scream in silence and wonder about a Malcolm McDowell’s quote: “The best thing I did was abuse myself when younger – I dabbled in everything, cocaine, booze, women – because now I don’t have to do it anymore.” I kind of lack all of them. I drank a lot, yes, but always in a glass, taking care of what happened… never dabbled. Maybe that’s the difference of the so called generations. Today the youth is not meant to be young, it’s not meant to… oh wait, for a couple of seconds I forgot the party-masses. Pardon.
Anyway, maybe I should forget my whole reality, break doors, punch windows and the great whore will suckle me until I’m fat and happy and can suckle no more.
But as I wrote that sentence I felt my dinner coming up my throat and a knot of disgust in my stomach. I can’t.

Shower calls, and then the pleasant bed will hold me.
Try to get the album, is great, is music I wouldn’t expect to hear from me. It’s delicious, it’s the gorgeous fat kid of the bacchanal whore.

Nighty night.

Happy birthday, Snow-flake

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 20th, 2005 by escargot

I stood awake longer than I was supposed to be. In fact, I usually do it, in front of the monitor watching things I won’t remember but most likely just on my bed, spectating the greenish light from my lamp becoming weaker and weaker as it travels through the rough wall.
Well, this night (17.11) I welcomed the first flakes hitting my window. Though this killed all the magic of the event, since it and its thugs warned us all.
(… and I keep pushing the day marker forward)

Anyway, I’m thinking about a short flick. But as I think ahead, I suppose are only motivations, inspirations, which are ok, but I want them to grow up. I want noise, tunes, black and white, frame by frame’s, black corners, gestures, dances, unnatural conditions, cannibalize principles and don’t forge nothing instead… and I won’t fall into movements. That would only diminish the task.


Left like leaf

Indiscriminate thoughts on November 2nd, 2005 by escargot

I’ve been kind of lost. I ain’t very motivated to post, maybe because the lack of feedback. But I knew it was going to be this way.
On the other hand, the last days have been wonderful. The actual autumn is beautiful, many people I know have said this is the prettiest autumn in a long time. The lack of cold mornings have forced the leaves to fall down with them own rhythm; that is, slow.
The trees are amazingly colored, from brown to yellow, through the most bright greens. Amuses me every morning while I ride my bike to work, and in the evenings it’s even prettiest, with this cold wind that comes from everywhere. I would love to have a camera, since I got some very good moments to catch in the celuloid. A pity.
Impressively weird I phoned last days more than in the last 3 months, kind of strange. My mother called a couple of times, an aunt through Skype and my uncles from here called me too. And if that wasn’t enough, an uncle called me in his days visiting Berlin. Then some weird coincidences followed, coincidences that never tend to happend. This has been a weird month, the past one that is. Let’s see how it follows.
By my side… I don’t know. I feel myself kind of absent.
Good night.