Telling the light to turn off

Drawing, Indiscriminate thoughts on October 19th, 2005 by escargot

It happened to work.

I’ve been a bit letargic, forgetting wants, forgetting needs, forgetting tomorrows. But I keep on moving, keep on doing and keep on enjoying every drop of coffee that enters to my mouth every morning and evening (being that one hell of a pleasure at work… a very aromatic italian coffee, foamed warm german milk and shinny sugar cubes; all drank in the exact opposite sense I described it. Brown-beige-crystal).
(Despite the hour, I open the FTP uploader to try again uploading the comic…)

My bed awaits me, with the rubber bottle filled with hot water. Replacing a presense. My eyes need to be closed for another delicious morning, with its cutting ice-cold air waking me up and alerting me of the new day. I like it, specially the breakfast that awaits for me in my bag (which I forgot to eat today… is it delightful? Having something delicious captive, as long as you want, with the only limit of… time, which is, as far as I believe, a bendable limit). See you tomorrow Nut-nougat Croissant.


PS: I’ve noticed that 1/3 black tea with 2/3 peppermint makes an exquisite autumn hot fluid.

Edit: I almost forgot. In this conditions I won’t get mad if someone posts a comment, even if it’s only a trendy smiley… really, I won’t.

I'm wide awake it's way too late

Drawing, Film thoughts on October 14th, 2005 by escargot

This evening passed by weirdly. In part flooded in tea, which softly calmed my throat, throat that hurts lately (I’m riding my bike every morning through clouds of ice-like air) , and the light of a candle, a candle who was meant to burn under the sight of the pope in the Weltjugendtag in Cologne. I hoped it had some essence or raffinade flower smell; it hadn’t.

Today I wanted to draw the sketches in my note-bloc, more comics that is. But I made two and the third one disappeared with a crash of the GIMP, being it the hardest one. I just wanted to merge the text layer and draw the speech-line. Without that crash this would have been an only-comic post.
Instead I played Quake and thought in some ideas to my new clip*. I think I could be able to train a lot cutting stuff from the game. Free AVI’s and easy to make. My very own clay pit.

Tomorrow is friday, this week was very nice and I hope I get me on the creation train for the weekend. Even if I don’t create anything, jumping on someone else’s train is quite amusing. Maybe keeping these creative stances as something external, something foreign, exotic, maybe even forbidden, will keep me on the road.

I wish you dreams,


* Some days ago I made a clip you can get here, right behind the red box… yeh, right there.

The title comes from the last album of Bright Eyes… was quite nice the time I listened to it.

Engaging ritualism

Drawing, Indiscriminate thoughts on October 12th, 2005 by escargot

My uncle made the press release of his book yesterday and asked me to record it, but mainly help him with the preparatives. It was amazing. But I don’t want to spoil my dreams telling the story again.
It reminded me my old rituals, my ways to go, my motto’s by doing simple things. Drinking tea with a plate below the cup, play with smoke instead of smoking (game that wasn’t amusing enough and became a nice remember) or using gloves to wash the dishes. Time disappears with rituals; fades away in front of my anti-clockwork like rituals. Making a ritual as it weren’t. Maybe that’s my key to kill time.
I kindly remember my bed-time ritual in Chile. Was the greatest and most magnificent expression of farewell, being yogi tea the hallucinative drug to reach the unreachable state of mind, the light clothes called pajamas as cruiser through seas of nothingness and the tobacco as the wood burning on the tallest mount waving the gracious, but ethereal, goodbye. All from my window, with the gulf as witness and usually the rain as laughing hyaena. Damn did I sleep well after it.

Quiéres un caramelo?*
Sleep well,


* Would you like a sugarcoated item?

Unemergency Exit

Drawing, Indiscriminate thoughts on October 10th, 2005 by escargot

Today Marc, my co-worker, told me that the human feels the first 18 years equally long as the ones from that year to your sixties. What you apprehend in your first twenties equals what you grab in the fourty years coming; the time hurries, rushes in your back or crawls beneath you taking you the lead without even being noticed.
I never had a extreme young youth, in fact, the rhythm of my last five years has been quite stable. Stable at the slowly side of the standard I’d say. Or maybe I just search for excuses in between the wheat -and with the spiders of it stalking me-, trying to find the gap out of the standards, trying to avoid the spears of time. Well, I rather sneeze between the wheat, with my thoughts within, and eagerly search for exit doors where no emergency exists.
Again speaking in tongues, I’d better finish the head comic of this post and throw this to the invisible lions.

T minus X

Drawing, Indiscriminate thoughts on October 9th, 2005 by escargot

Two days ago I knew I’m losing internet in 10 days, the contract I have now will end at that date and then I won’t be able to pay a new one, it’s not cheap, but any outcome hits directly the pockets of my parents. I haven’t talked with them, but I don’t see many hopes. Or not until I get more money, that being next year (if I actually stay where I am, working).
Shame I got this space so late, but maybe it is just the way it should be. I don’t see myself as a fulltime blogger.

Yesterday I traveled to Switzerland with my uncle. He needed a camera assistant and offered me the job. I accepted of course, at the beginning I didn’t know if I was going to earn something, but the chance to work with him for the first time can’t be denyed. And it worked out great.
We went to this so called HealthBalance healing center, pretty paranormal and weird (meaning: aiming the frequencies of the cosmos to the wounded and ill animals as a way to heal the body). Was amusing, besides the work was nice, the cameraman was a good guy and I did a good work. And it’s the first time I operate a boom “for real”.

About this blog, I doubt I will have the motivation to improve it since I’m eventually leaving, so you’ll need to accept the default look-out.

Maybe you already knew about it, but I drew some comics, I’ll leave a link to them right here.

Good night,

Hello 'snail!

Indiscriminate thoughts on October 5th, 2005 by escargot

If you can see this post, I’m glad, this is working. If not, please mail me notifying the abnormality.
Stay tuned (or keep trying),